S. Bambino of Aracoeli
The celebrated statue of the Divine Infant was carved in Jerusalem from the olive trees of Gethsemani In the 15th century by a member of the Franciscan Order who brought it to Rome and placed it In the Church of the Friars Minor of Ara Coeli on the Capitol for public veneration. Here it is now known, visited and honoured by the whole Catholic world on account of the innumerable favours which the Divine Infant bestows on those who venerate It. It was solemnly crowned by the Vatican Chapter on May 2nd in 1897.

Blessed Anna Maria Taigi often prayed before this status and entrusted her husband and children to the Bambino.
S. Bambino of Aracoeli - Rome
S. Bambino of Aracoeli

Prayer to the Bambino of Aracoeli
Most lovable Lord Jesus, who didst become a little Child for us and willed to be born in a stable to deliver us from the darkness of sin, to draw us to Thee and to inflame us with Thy holy love, we adore Thee as our Creator and Redeemer, we bow before Thee and desire Thee to be our King and sovereign Lord, and we offer Thee, as a tribute, all the affections of our poor hearts.

Dear Jesus, our Lord and our God, vouchsafe to accept this offering, and that it may be less unworthy of Thee, pardon our sins, enlighten and inflame us with that holy fire which Thou didst bring upon earth to kindle in our hearts. May our souls thus become an altar on which to offer to Thee the sacrifice of our mortifications and may we ever seek Thy greater glory here below so that one day we may come to enjoy Thy infinite beauty in Heaven. Amen.

Partial Indulgence.
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